PVCC History
This church began in 1981 with Bill Moyer and his wife Julia beginning the work from his home.  Bill was age 70 when he moved here to begin the church believing that it was not time to retire but time to start fresh.  They served from 1981-84 then turned the work over to his younger brother Ron and his wife Ruth.  Ron saw PVCC through the initial construction phase of the main auditorium in 1985 and was completed and ready for services on Easter Sunday 1987.  Ron passed the reins to Gene and Carolyn Wands in 1989.  Gene and his wife served until 2001, assisting the church with two more phases of building: the fellowship hall, offices & kitchen in 1990 and the final addition of the education wing in 1999.  Gene and Carolyn welcomed our current pastor Matt Showalter and his wife Eileen in 2001.

PVCC: Study, Share, & Serve
James 1:22 “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” We encourage everyone to learn and put into practice what they are studying.  We offer many opportunities for individual and group service. Ministries exist to serve God’s purpose with over 85% of our family involved in serving from our Children’s ministry up to our Senior Adults.  Do you have a talent or gift that you want to put into service for God’s kingdom? Then you will find both encouragement and opportunity to do so here at PVCC.